Bud Hein has owned and operated Fishbone’s Bait & Tackle for years strong now. Bud, an outdoor enthusiast his whole life got started in the business when he was looking for lures that would measure up to his standards…durable and fishable. Bud had trouble finding lures and crabbing gear that he would not have to replace each season and serve the function of CATCHING!! Well like a wise man says…If you want it done right…you guessed it…and that’s when Bud started making his own tackle and gear. Bud became so good at it, fisherman/crabbers all over the area started requesting his gear and after three years it happened…FISHBONES.


Fishbones provides the best variety of fishing and crabbing equipment in the area. A knowledgeable and helpful staff will assist you in preparing for your fishing and/or crabbing venture. Fishbones Goal is for you to catch fish and crabs. Bucktails & parachutes are custom made by Bud right in the shop. Many items such as crab pots, pull traps, stainless steel crab nets, stainless steel steamer pots are manufactured exclusively for Fishbones and has Fishbones stamp of approval on the top. Fishbones services the entire Chesapeake Bay region. Fishbones has one of, if not the largest selections of crabbing gear of in the area. When you go to Fishbones, you can expect to leave feeling you have got the gear and knowledge you are going to need to be successful. If you have questions, Bud and Staff will have the answers to just about all your Chesapeake Bay fishing or crabbing inquiries.


They use the gear that they sell. The gear in the store has proven successful by Bud and his customers and that why it’s in the store. Most of Buds clients, customers, consumers, or whatever you want to call them, they are repeat customers that become what I like to call friends, and that right there is what Fishbones is all about. Bud will not steer you wrong to earn a buck. Bud is the kind of guy that would rather sell you the $2.00 lure that is going to catch you fish then sell you the $10 lure that is going to get water logged. He wants you to be happy, and that is the bottom line. Fishbones specializes in Rockfish Gear and Crabbing gear for both the professional and recreational angler. If you are looking to catch fish or crabs you be sure to check with Bud at Fishbones before you venture out…


You may regret it if you don’t Products or Services:

Stainless steel crab nets, ss-steamer pots, rigged trot lines, 3 types of pull traps, umbrella rigs, daisy chains, bulk bait, eels, bull lips, fowl necks, tournament master chum Brands: Penn, Shimano, Shakespear, Ugly Stick, Calcutia, Berkeley, Eagle Claw, Sea Striker, Exide, Battery Warehouse for boats, JT, Bearclaw, Okuma, JO Spice, Loctite line, 3M and much much more.